lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

Se crea un Centro para la investigación de la Web en Inglaterra (I Aguillo)

The Government today announced the creation of the new Institute for
Web Science.

It is designed to make the UK the hub of international research into
the next generation of web and internet technologies and their
commercialisation, and was announced by the Prime Minister alongside
plans for a radical opening up of information and data to put more
power in people´s hands. The Institute will conduct research,
collaborate with businesses, identify opportunities for social and
economic benefit, assist in commercialising research and help
Government stimulate demand through procurement.

The web was originally a place where people published documents that
users could search and pick up. Web 2.0 has enabled users to
contribute and create web content more easily. Web 3.0 will take the
web to a whole new level by publishing data in a linkable format so
that users and developers can see and exploit the relationships
between different sets of information.

The development of these technologies will create significant new
opportunities for business and the public sector. The impact of these
technologies is likely to be as important as the creation of the
original web, and could generate large-scale economic benefits for the
UK in the global market for web and internet technologies. The role of
the Institute will be to undertake research and development, and act
as a bridge between research and business, helping commercialise these
new technologies. It will also advise Government on how semantic
technologies can be used in the public sector, and how public
procurement can be used to speed their adoption.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said that £30 million would be set aside
to create the Institute for Web Science. It will be headed by Sir Tim
Berners Lee, the British inventor of the World Wide Web, and leading
Web Science expert Professor Nigel Shadbolt.

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