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SAGE publica "revista" multidisciplinar en OA, autor paga (TBaiget)

A partir del 1 de enero de 2011 Sage open acepta artículos cientí
ficos sobre cualquier tema, que serán evaluados en “peer
review”. Una vez publicados podrán ser reevaluados
interactivamente online por los lectores.
Los artículos, que pueden ser extensos (hasta 10.000 palabras), se
irán publicando sueltos, uno a uno, sin constituir “números” de
El coste de publicación es bastante bajo, comparado con el de otras
editoriales OA: US$695 por artículo, e incluso para los primeros
números se aplicará una cuota introductoria de sólo US$ 195

Más información:

Un saludo,

Tomàs Baiget

Beginning January 1, 2011, SAGE Open will receive manuscript
submissions online through SAGEtrack, powered by ScholarOne
Manuscriptsâ„¢. Authors should register for an account at
http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/sageopen, where they will create a
login ID and password. SAGEtrack will serve as the center for
editorial staff to communicate with authors, editors, and reviewers
electronically, and it will function as the platform for the review

About SAGE Open

SAGE Open seeks to be the world's premier open access outlet for
academic research. As such, it evaluates the scientific and research
methods of each article for validity and accepts articles solely on
the basis of the research. This approach allows readers greater
access and gives them the power to determine the significance of each
article through SAGE Open's interactive comments feature and article-
level usage metrics. Likewise, by not restricting papers to a narrow
discipline, SAGE Open facilitates the discovery of the connections
between papers, whether within or between disciplines.

Each article undergoes rigorous peer review; the approach of SAGE
Open's peer review process, however, differs from that of traditional
journals. Rather than assessing the relative 'importance' of a given
article to its respective field, peer review will instead focus
solely on determining the quality of research methodology, that is,
determining whether the research was conducted properly, the
discussion accurately summarizes the research, and the conclusion
follows logically from the research. Readers and the academic
community at large will then have the power to continue the peer
review process after online publication, helping to determine the
significance of each article through SAGE Open's interactive comments
feature and article-level usage metrics.

Manuscript Preparation

Articles should not exceed 10,000 words (excluding references) and
may present original research or literature reviews. The word count
(which includes all text including the abstract, manuscript, notes,
tables, figures, etc.) should appear on the title page.

Manuscripts should include an abstract of approximately 150 words,
and, beneath the abstract, 4-5 keywords. All manuscripts should
follow the style guidelines set forth in the fifth edition of the
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Journal
policy prohibits an author from submitting the same manuscript for
consideration by another journal and does not allow publication of a
manuscript that has been published in whole or in part by another

Any inquiries regarding manuscript submission may be directed to the
editorial office at sageopen@sagepub.com.

Publication Fee

SAGE Open accomplishes global open access by using a business model
in which its expenses are recovered by an author publication fee
charged after acceptance. The fee currently stands at the special
introductory rate of $195 (regular fee: $695) for each published
article. Authors who do not have the means to cover the publication
fee may request a waiver.

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